Price List


Lobe £20

Lobe x2 £30

Rook £25

Conch £25

Daith £30

Tragus £25

Shen Men £25

Anti-Tragus £25

Scaffold/Industrial £30

Forward Helix £20

Helix £20

Snug  £25

Orbital £30

Transverse Lobes £25


Single £30

Double £50


Surface Piercings £30


Female Genital

Christina £30

VCH £30



Dermal Anchor £30

Double Anchor £50



Tongue £30

Smiley £25



Naval £30



Labret/Lip £25

Madonna £25

Medusa £25

Vertical Labret £25

Double Lip £40

Quad Lip £80


Nose £20 

Septum £30

Bridge £25


Standard £30


Single £30

Double £60


Age Restrictions 

Lobes: 8+ Parent Only / 16+ I.D or Parent

All Other Ear Piercings: 13+ Parent Only / 16+ I.D or Parent

Scaffold/Industrial 16+ I.D Only

Nose: 13+ Parent Only / 16+ I.D or Parent

Septum: 16+ I.D Only

All Lip Piercings: 16+ I.D Only

Naval: 13+ Parent Only / 16+ I.D or Parent

Eyebrow: 16+ I.D Only

Nipple: 16+ I.D Only

Tongue: 16+ I.D Only

Dermal and Surface: 16+ I.D Only


Piercing Info 

We reserve the right to refuse service if we have any doubt that the ID shown is fraudulent or does not belong to the person being pierced.

Types of I.D accepted are UK drivers licence or provisional, UK passport, CitizenCard – or any proof-of-age card showing the ‘PASS’ hologram. We do not accept anything other than the forms listed above.

Children (anyone under the age of 18) are not permitted in the studio unless having a piercing and you will be turned away, tattoo studios are adult environments and are not suitable for children.

If you are bringing your child for a piercing only the adult and child is allowed in the studio.

Customers ordering Jewellery from the studio or online must pay upfront before the order will be placed. We can offer delivery or we can notify you if you wish to collect it from the studio once its in stock.

Postage costs are £2 for items under £20 and £5 for items over £20 and are sent 1st class recorded so its all fully insured and trackable.