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Our Body Piercer is passionate about what she does and this reflects in the quality of her work. You will find her very welcoming and friendly which will put you completely at ease whether it’s your first time having a piercing or its your one of many.


Our aim is to make your body piercing a safe and enjoyable experience whilst tailoring to your every need.

We only use Internally Threaded Jewellery

All of our Jewellery is ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium

All of our Piercings are done with a needle

All Pricing includes Standard Jewellery

Large selection of additional Jewllery available from LeRoi, Tish Lion , Juniper and more

Price List


Lobe £20

Lobe x2 £40

Rook £25

Conch £25

Daith £30

Tragus £25

Shen Men £25

Anti-Tragus £25

Scaffold/Industrial £40

Forward Helix £20

Helix £20

Snug  £25

Orbital £30

Transverse Lobes £25


Single £35

Double £60


Surface Piercings £30


Female Genital

Christina £40

VCH £40

Labia £40

Labia Pair £80



Dermal Anchor £30

Double Anchor £50



Tongue £40

Smiley £25



Naval £35

Floating Naval £40



Any Single Lip £25

Double Lip £50


Double £60


Nose £20

Septum £30

Bridge £30


Standard £30


I.D Accepted 

 Psychical I.D - UK drivers license or provisional, UK passport or CitizenCard

Digital I.D - Yoti App , EasyID App

Please note we don't allow any children in the studio so if your bringing your child for a Piercing please make sure to find childcare for any other siblings.

Age Restrictions 

Lobes: 8+ Parent Only / 16+ I.D or Parent

All Other Ear Piercings: 13+ Parent Only / 16+ I.D or Parent

Scaffold/Industrial 16+ I.D Only

Nose: 13+ Parent Only / 16+ I.D or Parent

Septum: 16+ I.D Only

All Lip Piercings: 16+ I.D Only

Naval: 13+ Parent Only / 16+ I.D or Parent

Eyebrow: 16+ I.D Only

Nipple: 16+ I.D Only

Tongue: 16+ I.D Only

Dermal and Surface: 16+ I.D Only

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