Our Body Piercer is passionate about what she does and this reflects in the quality of her work. You will find her very welcoming and friendly which will put you completely at ease whether it’s your first time having a piercing or its your one of many.


Our aim is to make your body piercing a safe and enjoyable experience whilst tailoring to your every need.

We only use Internally Threaded Jewellery

All our piercings come standard with internally threaded Jewellery. It has no external thread so its completely smooth as is passes through your piercing without causing any trauma.  

Internally threaded jewellery also has things like insertion tapers, that screw into the jewellery to allow for a comfortable insertion and removal Jewellery


Internally Threaded 

Externally Threaded 

All of our Jewellery is ASTM F-136 Implant Grade Titanium

We only use this grade of Titanium as its 3 times stronger than steel, lightweight and is biocompatible meaning its non toxic, non reactive and causes no immunological rejection.

It is designed for the use of the inside the body because of its total resistance to attack by body fluids.

Titanium is also nickel free and hypo-allergenic making it the perfect choice for both initial and healed piercings.


We only offer needle piercings as its much more safer and sterile.

Piercings guns cannot be sterilized properly therefore do not remove bacteria or bloodborne pathogens that can cause Hepatitis C.

They force a blunt stud through the area causing unnecessary tissue damage.

The length and design of a gun can cause uneven placements and angles.

These are just a few of the reasons not to be pierced with a Piercing Gun 

We Stock a large selection of Body Jewellery to choose from 

We stock Luxury Jewellery from renowned brands like LeRoi, Anatometal, Industrial Strength plus many more,

but also stock more budget friendly options from brands like QualiTi and Implant Grade so we will always have something to suit your needs.


All pricing, age restrictions and I.D info can be found here

Please book your appointments in your own name.

All information on your aftercare can be found here. We highly recommend the use of a sterile saline solution which can be purchased from the studio

Look at the stunning dragonfly it's in f
Look at the stunning dragonfly it's in f

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Here's is another beautiful ear
Here's is another beautiful ear

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Wow guys what an amazing turn out today.
Wow guys what an amazing turn out today.

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Look at the stunning dragonfly it's in f
Look at the stunning dragonfly it's in f

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