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You will find plenty of designs to choose from in our studio whether it be flash sheets on the walls or custom designs that our Artists have drawn up for their portfolio

 We can also work from your own idea and design a one off piece that is completely unique to you.


Both artists cover most styles of tattooing from Black and Grey, Japanese, Flash, Colour, Dotwork plus many others.

For consultations and pricing its a simple as sending us a Email, Facebook or WhatsApp message with your reference image, a brief description of your idea and the rough size it needs to be. We will then get back to you with a rough price or will arrange for you to come in for a consultation. 

For large custom pieces we may need to arrange a consultation. Once your ideas have been discussed simply pay a deposit which can be done by Bank Transfer at your convenience then the Artist will develop your idea and send it across to you for your approval and get you booked in.


Please be aware that your deposit is non-refundable if you decide not to get the tattoo done.


Sharon has been tattooing for over 20 years so is a well experienced all round artist. She loves doing anything from sleeves to cover ups. Her most favorite style is anything dark and demonic


After 14 years of tattooing Nate has found his niche doing traditional flash and custom designs. Whether its a small floral design to a large mandala piece


We only charge by the hour for multiple session tattoos for example custom sleeves and large pieces.


If its a design which can be completed in one sitting then we will charge you a set price for it to be completed so the length of time it takes wont affect the cost.

We charge

£60 Per Hour

£300 - 6 Hour Day Sit

£40 - Minimum Charge

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