Studio Policy

Please come to your appointment alone as we are a private appointment based studio


Please turn up to your appointment 5 mins early, if you are late your appointment could be rescheduled and you will still be charged. Allow time for traffic and parking. 

Once you arrive the door will be locked. Please wait until somebody comes down to let you in. We will see you arrive on the CCTV.


Sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the studio you are expected to use them when leaving or entering any room.


Please do not turn up to the studio with a cough, cold, loss of taste and smell or any other symptom relating to the Coronavirus.

As always we expect you to arrive showered and wearing clean clothes and footwear.

Tattoos are cash only if you want to pay electronically you will need to do a Bank Transfer before your appointment

Piercings are both cash or Card 

Make sure to bring Physical Valid Photo I.D with you. Either Driver Licence Full or Provisional, Citizenship Card Or Passport (all must be in date) we wont accept any other forms of I.D neither will we accept pictures on Phones.

You will still be charged if you forget your I.D